NSERC CREATE LEAP (training tomorrow’s LEAders in Permafrost thaw and northern research) addresses the gap in multidisciplinary academic permafrost training by developing professional skills specific to northern Canada. Funded through the NSERC CREATE program and additional program partners, this program is at the ‘leaping edge’ of balancing the benefits and challenges of hybrid training and mentoring. NSERC CREATE LEAP trains experts with the ability to work and engage in a northern context.

The need to understand and adapt to the challenges of permafrost thaw is vital; however, permafrost thaw occurs within a complex system. Through this increased access to training, understanding, and collaboration across fields, NSERC CREATE LEAP strives to address challenges across multiple scales alongside a diverse range of knowledge holders.

Program Objectives

  1. To equip trainees with the skills, knowledge, and northern experience required to facilitate their transition to permafrost-related careers in, or closely connected to the North.
  2. To develop a sustainable training program that contributes to building a more climate-resilient Canada and, in doing so, to increase equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) in the field of permafrost research by fostering inter- and trans-disciplinarity and northern capacity.

Training Objectives

  1. Developing foundational knowledge across key disciplines in natural science and engineering as required for understanding and adapting to permafrost thaw.
  2. Building the professional skills, relevant experience, and personal relationships required for northern research, as well as more general professional skills.
  3. Applying foundational knowledge and professional skills to identify and solve complex real-world problems collaboratively and with Indigenous communities.

This training program has four key elements. Read about them here.